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The Dead Live at The Forum on 2009-05-09

Set 1
Disc 1

02.Viola Lee Blues >
03.Bertha >
04.Viola Lee Blues >
05.Caution >
06.Viola Lee Blues
07.Black Peter
08.Cosmic Charlie

Set 2
Disc 2

02.Jam >
03.Shakedown Street >
04.New Speedway Boogie >
05.Scarlet Begonias >
06.Fire on the Mountain

Disc 3

01.Drums >
02.Space >
03.Dark Star >
04.Wharf Rat >
05.Dark Star >


07.One More Saturday Night

Collection TheDead
Band/Artist The Dead
Venue The Forum
Location Inglewood, CA

Source (ots)(bob)akg483>v3+akg461>744(24/96)
Lineage adobe1.5(2)>soundforge(44)>wavelab(16)>cdwav>flac
Taped by maury
Transferred by maury


Reviewer: doug_the_dude - - August 31, 2014
Subject: --
Incredible stuff! THIS is a post-Grateful Dead show...they absolutely shred Caution to pieces. A wonderful tribute to the music, Jerry in particular, as Bobby has only one of his own songs throughout the entire evening.
Reviewer: lips - - August 20, 2014
Subject: fun show
I left my very new $800 long board on the roof of my car because it was too big to put inside and no one stole it.
Reviewer: crazymona2 - - November 23, 2010
Subject: we are everywhere
Mickey says it all at the very end of this neeed for debate.
Reviewer: Estimatedjohn - - January 21, 2010
Subject: exellent!
good show all around viola lee blues!bertha,scarlet>fire,black peter,dark star,"WHARF RAT"WOW!satisfaction,what a "SATURDAY NIGHT"
Reviewer: shango9 - - June 1, 2009
Subject: This Is An Incredible Show
I'm so glad my friend back east finally convinced me at the 11th hour to go see the show. It was my 45th show over 30 years and they sounded great this night. It was a 1960's style setlist with everything being a surprise! Check out the inner city version of Shakedown Street and the accapella lines in the Scarlet Begonias chorus. Not to be redundant, but it was a great show to be at . Peace
Reviewer: ChuckM - - May 23, 2009
Subject: Great recording. Thanks Maury!
Maury, great job recording this one. Go Team AKG!
Reviewer: headgdhead - - May 23, 2009
Subject: WOW!
'74 holds a special place in my heart because that was my first live experience.

This is the best, imho, because it is here and now and the guys are just not settling down. They continue to search and reach. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This night it definitely worked!!!

Miss you Pig, Keith, Brent and Jerry, thanks for the memories!
Reviewer: gregulator - - May 19, 2009
Subject: vadead
Oh, because you are the end all of statesman for the grateful dead community. Get over yourself. If something here is written that archive doesn't like, archive polices it and will delete the post. End of story
Reviewer: vadead - - May 18, 2009
Subject: I don't understand the constant sniping...
It seems that every other show has someone complaining about the show or who sings this song or that song or comparing the Dead to the Grateful Dead. I love the Grateful Dead in all their incarnations and lets face it even the 1995 Jerry wasn't the Jerry I fell in love with years before. What I have found was that the band became "different" for better or worse depending on who you ask but who is asking "YOU"?!?! I've got an idea how about judging this show for the recording and the set-list that's probably why this rating system is here, is it not. It's not about whether you were there or the security at the venue, if they played your favorite song or whether they are the band you remember from previous shows or how high you were! Let's face it there are some recordings of the Grateful Dead that are God awful and should be rated as such. God the 95 RFK show was the worst recording I've ever heard! Can't we all agree that we love "THIS" music and that sound board quality recordings are better than an audience recording (musically speaking that is).One of my favorite recordings happens to be 9-28-75, not just because of the music but because of the ongoing stuff about a baby being born. There are no facts here only opinions. If you don't like the music that is being produced by the band now, move along to something else the world WILL go on if you don't leave your expert opinions based upon how many shows you have seen in the past or even if you were there when Jerry's mom gave birth to him. YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT! Most come here because we want to receive something that most bands would make you pay for, Quality" entertainment and it's free! If anything you should thank the people who buy expensive equipment to record a show and then are generous enough to take the time to log on and provide us with this music that we would not have without them. If it wasn't for the tapers who have chronicled this band from 1965 to the present they wouldn't be they band that they are and there would have been far less joy in my life as a result. So I thanks the band and all the fans who have taken me on the greatest ride in my life. This band was born in a spirit of love and continues today for that same reason. You haters can take your opinions and venomous snipes with you!!!!!!!
Reviewer: jes_34 - - May 18, 2009
As I listen to the recording from this show I am taken back to what is undoubtedly the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. Being only 24 and never expecting to hear any version of Grateful Dead play live this show was more than I could have ever expected. The sound was beyond incredible, as well as the song list. They f**king NAILED Satisfaction and followed it up phenomenally with One More Saturday Night!! What an incredible show!!

THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF!! I will FOREVER be thinking, smiling, singing, and DANCING to this show...MAY THE MUSIC NEVER STOP!
Reviewer: Pulver@Noyo - - May 17, 2009
Subject: Keep On Truckin'...
Yes, by all means, do. Sing any damn way you wanna', Bobby. You too, Phil. Warren gets to do "Jerry Songs". Thanks Jeff! Billy and Mickey, you rhythm Gods you...

The time is now. This is a band. If you like what you hear, listen. Otherwise, I hear that The Archies are getting back together. Go see them instead.

Nice job, taper. The skin's crispy and there's no blood next to the bones. Very tasty.

The Machine is in fine tune.
Reviewer: capn doubledose - - May 16, 2009
Subject: First LA cosmic charlie in 30+ years?
I dont think LA has seen a cosmic charlie since '76 and caution who knows '70?

Forget about which show is the best on this tour, they are all great. I went to 6 of them including the garden and both nights at Izod and had a ball. I think what defines a great tour is everyone feeling like they have just had their faces ripped off when they get out sweat-soaked thinking 'that was it, there is no way they could play ANY BETTER ANYWHERE ELSE' thats when the skull winks at you as it levitates on the ceiling that night when you are trying to go to sleep and your mind is wandering like the wild geese in the west.

Who would have know they would have blown the doors off of the forum like this? Both this and MSG closed with a smoking stones song (gimme shelter with warren just flattening the place) but this Satisfaction may be Bobby's single best song on the tour - maybe he plays better on the Left coast?

I think each show had something special about it on this tour but think it will be remembered as:

1 Garden
2 Izod 1/Spectrum 2 tie
3 Forum
Reviewer: thebone - - May 15, 2009
Subject: Best Show of the Tour
There's no doubt about it in my opinion!!! Imagine if the GD had played a setlist like this during Jerry's prime--wow! That Caution is killer...
Reviewer: olympiaroad - - May 15, 2009
Subject: Wow! What a great recording!
Now, with all due respect to the tapers, my favorite recordings of the tour were by "muletaper". However, this one is superb. Ultimately, it may be the best recording of the tour b/c it's so in your face with great separation and loads of energy. Is it the best show of the tour? Maybe. The Denver show was also super. In general, they improved each show. The factor here though is how "on fire" they are. That first set is nuts! I'm less of a fan of the Phil/Friends type 60's Dead review but this one works. Super charged. The best Viola Lee ever??? Perhaps! It resonated with meaning and despair. Great Caution too. WH has earned the right to sing it with this version. He really takes it for a ride. Anyway, don't miss this one and yeah, Dead, if you're reading these, please ignore the posts that say that Bobby should sing less and listen to those of us who are begging for a fall tour! (and a spring tour 2010 and another fall tour etc...

PS: While I reflected upon the previous post that recommended reserving five star ratings for the good ole Grateful Dead, this show is great, it's now and so I'm gonna give it five despite the poster's reasonable argument.
Reviewer: Zacc - - May 15, 2009
Subject: Cooler Heads Live
Clearly, time will tell and cooler heads will prevail to smile, smile, smile while they're dancin' in the streets 'cus they might as well, run for the roses.
Reviewer: verylazylightning - - May 15, 2009
Subject: Great Times, Surprisingly Good (NOT EPIC) Music
As it now stands, if you go by averaging the cumulative star rating, this last tour is, according to the archive reviewers, the greatest
run EVER by the Grateful Dead and its various
That means better than '74, better than '77, better than '90. Better than YOUR favorite year
or two of the Grateful Dead.
Obviously, this is not the case. What's happening
is the collective tribal sense of relief and excitement at these very, very enjoyable shows
has invoked an understandable but clearly wildly
exaggerated critical response. What people are really voting for is the phoenix-like revival
of the various elements, musical and otherwise,
that were so important for huge numbers of people.
There is nothing wrong with voting with your heart. I know people who attended dozens of shows
strictly to bathe in the unique ambience that
was the Grateful Dead experience. They danced and
loved and the actual musicality was less important
to them than the overall gestalt, a rare and wonderful collective consciousness that is almost
impossible to attain by living "normally".
And, yes, this current stuff is eminently listenable stuff,putting to shame virtually all other current
rock performances. We are fortunate beyond belief
that so much of the core experience has survived
for so long, defying all odds.
However. As cooler heads prevail, and a more technical analysis of the music is forthcoming,
I see the long-term average rating of these shows
drifting downwards to where I would rank them,
between a 3- and 4- star.
The best way to demonstrate what I mean is to
transcribe into a formal musical score the individual efforts of the various musicians. Even
an untrained eye could see, merely by the distribution and complexity of the notes, that this is far less challenging and virtuoso playing
than the peaks the Grateful Dead achieved routinely during their greatest periods. They play it a lot safer, and conform to a much more
conventional underlying game plan - with, nonetheless, gratifying results.
Not that, as they say, there's anything wrong with that! These shows are hugely worth attending.
Runaway and unbridled enthusiasm is understandable
under the circumstances. Ultimately, however,
time will judge the relative merit of these performances, and,as cooler heads prevail, I suspect a more modest evaluation will triumph.
We shall see.
Nonetheless, four well-earned stars are awarded.
Reviewer: hallelujah_hatrack - - May 15, 2009
Subject: Spent a lil time on the MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!! Dont Think - DOWNLOAD!!
This was an unbelievable show with more energy flowing from the band than i thought possible..they truly were on fire all night - best way to put it..they took no prisoners, they were relentless all night...
First Set:
Mind-blowing, like a runaway train reeling down the tracks....the highlight in my book was the Caution - absolutely smokin' - phil attacks the beginning ferociously and warren absolutely SHREDS the ending - he is really on fire here...
second set:
everybody has had a chance to catch their breath! this whole second set was really a highlight, they were ON FIRE the whole time! the New speedway (best of the tour IMO) into an absolutely scorching scarlet -> fire!!! then a very good dark star into..FINALLY!!...the first wharf rat of the tour (which i thought they would save for one of the bay area shows)...anyhow really beautiful jam towards the end!!..then they ended the night with some great bobby rockin tunes - the satisfaction really smoked..bobby really sang it WELL, and the expected OMSN was really a perfect ending to a fantastic night!!
NOW To all the complainers:
This is not the grateful dead you saw in the 70's, 80's, or 90's - its a new, and yes, older version!! do not expect them to be able to sing like they did in the past - they're older, they have been performing for over 45 years - just not physically able to do so!! just enjoy and appreciate the fact that they are still touring for US when they do not have to!!!! newsflash - - Bobby is not going to sing like Jerry! sorry! and i would rather (no offense to warren- love em) bobby take the leads as he is a founding member....nor will they be perfect - never about that! about taking risks and making great music which is exactly what they are doing on this tour!!! if you want perfectly sounding music GO WATCH AMERICAN IDOL!! and please stay off the boards and AWAY from the shows!!! we don't want your negative energy!!
"gave the best we had to much we'll never know, never know"
Reviewer: Mr. Sweet Island Skunk - - May 15, 2009
Reviewer: lucichristifer - - May 14, 2009
Subject: thank you bellbutt1967
i reviewed the other black peter rather harshly. i am glad someone understands. that made my day
Reviewer: podsix - - May 14, 2009
Subject: Still Sore
After 14 years, I found myself back in it once again. I danced my ass off on the floor from the first note to the very last. I am still sore today. I never imagined that I would ever rock out to many of these songs ever or ever again. I must admit that, as I have NO complaints what-so-ever, I do wish they lived up to tradition and played Minglewood in Inglewood. Again, not a complaint but mearly an obsevation. Thanks though to the guy in the hall who was playing it in the hall on is harmonica. Great people, good music, good times.

Thanks to Maury for the crisp recording. Muchos Apprecianatos.
Reviewer: bellbutt1967 - - May 14, 2009
Subject: Please, Bob, just relax a little and sing.
I just wanted to express my deep gratitude again to all you tapers.

And to ask Bob (who surely sits down every morning and reads all our reviews, right?) to not howl like a drunken banshee through songs like "Black Peter." It makes it rather hard to sing along, among other things, and robs it of its emotional impact. Not that I really expect him to change after all these years, God bless him!

Otherwise a fun and interesting show.

Peace, my brothers and sisters!
Reviewer: astrojam - - May 14, 2009
Subject: Help
I've downloaded flacs and made cds a hundred times but for some reason its not working now with these dead files. I have the flac nero decoder installed. After I drag flacs to Nero and then burn cd, every song on cd stops playing (music cuts out) after a couple of minutes- time counter keeps rolling for duration of song. Whats up?
Reviewer: Here & Now - - May 14, 2009
Subject: Dynamic Bertha!!
Wow ! listening close to the guys on Bertha jam.
The dynamic punches and breaks are on fire!
From Easter 09 to the present, The Dead have been rockin this nation. It's amazing that Billy, Bobby, Mick, & Phil in there 60's are able
to endure, thrive, and seem to be getting better and better. Sure the Dead were never really known for being vocally superior, like CSN, but more known and loved for the lyrical content and pure, sick jamzs!!!! This tour They have achieved that and much, much more....

This tour get an A++++++++

Hoping for a fall tour.
Reviewer: markmidyett - - May 14, 2009
This is a fantastic sounding audience recording, better than the others posted so far. I wasn't there, I've been downloading to every show since G'boro and this the best so far. Insane 1st set! I can't imagine getting Shakedown, Scarlet>Fire, and Dark Star in the same set. My head would have exploded! Anxiously awaiting a Fall Tour announcement...
Reviewer: Bluerunner - - May 14, 2009
Subject: Outstanding
This show is outstanding as is the recording. I have listened to it several times now and can say it is tops. Holds its own with most anything I have heard them do, anytime. I know that may be heresy to some, but this is good, good stuff. The Caution is smoking as is the whole first set. Second set is simply a gem. Definitely worth adding to the regular rotation. Not only is Warren outstanding, Phil's is wonderful and, yes, Bobby is playing very, very well. Many people like to slam Bobby and have always done so, but you know what it took all of them and takes all of them to bring the magic. I for one appreciate the work and effort of each one. Thanks guys for a real good time!
Reviewer: Timbo Ho - - May 14, 2009
Subject: What a Sandwich!
I was not at this show, but I did not need to be there to know that it was the best of the tour. The Viola Lee>Bertha>Viola Lee>CAUTION!!!>Viola Lee sandwich is a dagwood of epic proportions! I know that Jerry was smiling down, but so was Pigpen! Thank you Warren for cutting loose with the Pigpen juice!
Reviewer: sunshinedaydream64 - - May 14, 2009
Subject: The Forum rocked
Hey Now Maury,
Thanks for keeping The Dead alive!! I hope they'll keep touring.
This was truly an amazing show.
I'm so glad I had the pleasure of going.
I sure do appreciate re-living it here. Many Thanks!!
Reviewer: morningdew1992 - - May 13, 2009
Subject: how sweet it is...
the tapers and the band have all been so amazing this tour...
Reviewer: brothertoesau - - May 13, 2009
Subject: nice show
nice recording,the boys sound great, warren is getting warmed up for mtn jam.
Reviewer: UKDEADHEADKUWAIT - - May 13, 2009
Such a smoking show you will crash
An absolute blast
The band are smoking
Warren is in stupendous form

Pity Weir continues to sing like a fuckwit
Reviewer: mid-maine - - May 13, 2009
Subject: ridiculous
this show is a barn burner from the first note. i'm absolutely blown away by the power of the transition into fire! warren is scorching, and he has the best rhythm section on the planet pushing him to the limit. chimenti's hammond runs are tasty. what else is there to say?

this is a well balanced audience, btw.

(p.s. these guys are too good to stop touring yet! if you're out there reading these posts, PLEASE TOUR THIS FALL!!!! augusta, maine has the perfect sized civic center for some sweet late fall shows. remember?)
Reviewer: hursty - - May 13, 2009
Subject: Sounds good!!
Still can't get over Bobby singing the Jer parts. Turns my stomach actually. SOOOO wishing he let Warren do all those parts - esp Black Peter & Wharf rat. Otherwise great sounding show. Jams are hot once they settle into them.
Reviewer: jockeyhollow - - May 13, 2009
Subject: tight and crisp!
Kudos to the recording master!
Reviewer: Mcnoche - - May 13, 2009
Subject: Great Recording
My wife and I had seats above Phil with nice view of the stage. The Forum got thick with smoke quickly and the old place had a crackling Sat nite vibe. Solid Bertha but have to admit I don't like Bobby singing/shouting the Black Peters these days. Really miss JG on those. Solid Set 2 with Jeff on the Hammond during Fire which smoked, nice 1st Wharf Rat of the tour and Satisfaction was powerful. Mickey was pounding his drums - thought he would fall off his stool. Great crowd on that and OMSN - the x factor was there for sure...Great job Warren. Thanks for the nice recording!
Reviewer: B Palma - - May 13, 2009
Subject: My Loss
I made the huge mistake in not grabbing some tickets online a week before the show and going to the Forum.

I had heard some of the other shows and was just not on fire enought to spend a couple hundred bucks (me and my wife) to see the show.

(And I'm 15 minutes from the Forum...)

Listening to this amazing aud, methinks I made the wrong choice!

This is the band I know and love. They're swinging like the good o'l Grateful Dead.

I'm not even done with Bertha and I'm getting chills. Definite "x" factor here.

Hearing these grooves, it wasn't just Jerry I missed--it was this groove. The dragon is definitely awake at the Forum.

Beautiful--and Jeff on Brent's hammond really shines.

Thanks maury!
Reviewer: minor9th - - May 13, 2009
Subject: AWESOME!!
I think this must be the best show of the tour. I am so excited by this that it's bringing back feelings I haven't had sice before Jerry died. I can't get over the Viola > Bertha > Viola opener. It sounds amaing! I am going to Shoreline on the 14th and I can't wait. Warren and Jeff are really a great addition to this group and I am so hoping for more shows in coming year. Warren has to be one of the hardest working guys in music right now. Sandwiched between 2 Shoreline shows he is playing 2 nights with the Almann Brothers and he, Bobby and Phil played a live concert at the KFOG studios on Monday. I totally agree with AUGUST-WEST420 "Damn it guys!!Be nice,enjoy the music,or shut up and be miserable old assholes by yourselves!! Don't try to drag the band,other heads,or most definately the tapers down onto your nasty little level!" The great thing about the Grateful Dead that we all loved was that they evolved over the years and with different musicians coming and going. The amazing setlists and just the length of these songs and improvisational aspect of these shows shows that they still have the spirit and energy. That is what the Grateful Dead were all about. I think Jerry would be more than impressed with what these guys are doing and I can only see him looking down from the cosmos with a gigantic smile. I think it people don't like what's happening here, they can sit at home and listen the thousands of hours of GD music that is available on tape and CD. For me, I thrive on new music and I want to embrace new things and new music. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the tapers for these recordings. This recording is especially good and I am only listening to this on my MacBook Pro speakers. When I doze off tonight with my Sony headphones on it will sound that much better!
Reviewer: Stellablu122 - - May 13, 2009
Subject: LA Forum gonna have to give
What a night, the 1st set starts off screaming with Viola> Bertha which is incredible, and by the time they are halfway through Caution they are off the track, it is easily the best one of the tour. Black Peter brings us back down to earth but is heartfelt and beautiful and keeeping in this blues fashion. Cosmic Charlie caps it off with great vocals and a sweet ending.
Set two, although not as intense to star off as the first set, is extremely good.The band is in perfect sync and the Shakedown has the place rockin,although they don't jam it out like they did in Philly, it is quite good. Speedway has Bob and Warren trading off verses and rocks.

The Scarlet starts off alittle tenative with Warren but the end jam is really good.Worcester has THE Scarlet. They actuallly come back to the coda and end it before exploding into Fire, which is played more like the album version, nothin against that, and the ending is super.
I have to say that the post space is really a highlight. A shorter but focused DS into Wharf Rat is amazing, Bobby and Warren trade verses, and then back into the second verse of DS. Love it! The Satisfaction explodes and is much better than the one from Worcester. Bobby is on fire.
He totally kicks it down for a ragin' Saturday night too.
Easily one of the best nights of the entire tour.
Reviewer: AUGUST-WEST420 - - May 13, 2009
Subject: Muchos Garcias!!!!!
I can't thank these cats enough! The tapers,the archive,and everyone else who puts their time & effort into giving us this music absolutly free!! I cannot wrap my head around these fools who are blasting the band and the tapers!! What happened to our scene???!!?Every last recording on this site,some good,some graet,some not so great,but all of them meant something to someone,or they would not have uploaded them,and we should be nothing but grateful!!!!!Damn it guys!!Be nice,enjoy the music,or shut up and be miserable old assholes by yourselves!! Don't try to drag the band,other heads,or most definately the tapers down onto your nasty little level! That being said,this show is solid from start to finish!Viola opener?? I couldn't ask for more,except maybe one more show! I only made Charlottesville,but am still holdin' out for a miracle to Rothbury!! Cash flow just isn't flowing like it used to,but anything can happen!Thanx again to everyone who makes this possible,and hope to see ya @ Rothbury!! :) :) :)
Reviewer: Brimstone - - May 13, 2009
Subject: What a night!
Going into the Forum, I had no expectations. I left the Forum changed forever. This is the real deal. One of the best performances I've seen in a long time. The first set was as tight as can be. The highlight of the show was Wharf Rat, just brought me to tears. Those that were lucky enough to be inside the Forum on this full moon evening, were treated to a special event. The icing on the cake was I got a Dark Star for my birthday show!
Reviewer: Moonshiner West - - May 12, 2009
Subject: A monster show.
From start to finish an inspiring night. Apparently the last time Viola and Caution were played in the same set was 11-10-67. They had never been played back to back before Saturday night. And Warren absolutely flew during that Caution. Glad he's on board, hope he stays around.
Reviewer: Billy Sunday - - May 12, 2009
Subject: Another Fine Recording, upload and formatting by all involved
First I'ld like to thank this kind stranger, Maury, for not letting the music stop. Like the recording- Phil is more present in the mix- don't think it's the tapers as Phil sort of hung back in the mix propelling the band and kickin' it when needed at most of the shows. Again this is the type of recording you would get with a soundboard in the 80's and be totally amazed. Better world through recreational chemical technical present. Fare Thee Well
Reviewer: muletrane - - May 12, 2009
Subject: Viola Lee!!!
Thanks for posting this!

Thanks to the taper as well...sounds great!!!
Reviewer: happy420 - - May 12, 2009
Subject: Possibly the Show of the Tour!
This is a fantastic recording of an epic show. Such high energy! The whole first set just cooks. The crowd and the band were so in sync. Great performances of every single tune.

The segue into Scarlet is the epitome of the seat of their pants glory that is the improv spirit...they almost lose it and then Bob steps in and saves the day to the delight of all. Interstellar overdrive from there on out...FUCK YES! See you all at the Gorge...
Reviewer: Mechanical Bull - - May 12, 2009
Subject: o.k.
Got home with this and listened, it ok. I had a patch from this taper. Levels were way to low. sound like the forum, pretty distant. Theres a ROB version on here much better IMHO
Reviewer: TokenRhymes - - May 12, 2009
Subject: SICK!!
Shows was hot from the first note to the very last.

Sure you could probably nitpick and fine minor details to criticize, but you know what……who cares.

We had a fantastic crowd, the boys played a fiery in your face, Saturday night burner, and that’s what we all wanted to see. Very well done!

Please, let’s do this again real soon!

*What’s up with the Black Peter, double bridge??

Awesome copy of show....Kudos to the taper!!
Reviewer: bumba - - May 12, 2009
Subject: fantastic
great recording, full bass, nice high end, thanks to the taper for getting this up
Reviewer: Brandon L - - May 12, 2009
Subject: Grateful
Thank you Maury for the recording and the post. Also thanks to all the other tapers and posters out there who enrich so many lives with this nourishing music. ♫♪ Namaste ♪♫
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